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  • "I hope you’re happy."
  • "I can’t believe you talked me in to this."
  • "I have an idea…"
  • "What the hell did you do?"
  • "Did you do this?"
  • "You look better in that than I did."
  • "Is it supposed to do that?"
  • "I’m pretty sure I like you."
  • "I’m pretty sure I don’t like you."
  • "How do I do this?"
  • "Why are you taking so long?"
  • "Have you seen my pants?"
  • "Was it something I said?"
  • "Can you zip me up?"
  • "I love yooo-ur hair."
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ironohokori replied to your post:
"I need your both hacker and internet knowledge. There is a group called Paraba and they exist for some years now. Find out in the net and the newspaper archieves what you can find about them."

" Sho and Kaede-san will both get on it right away! Please leave this to Sho.."he smiled.

" Paraba? Their name already sounds scary.."

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"Ok." There wasn’t anything for Yata to hold against him. The guy didn’t seem dangerous and it wasn’t his fault for not knowing what to do. So the auburn was fine with him being confused. "Ya don’t need to be forgiven for not knowin’. Not like it’s bad cause ya didn’t do anythin’ wrong."

" Sho appreciates this very much,Stranger-san.." his lips showed a friendly smile." May Sho know your name? As well as why you have decided to come visit the Black can today?" He held his hands behind his back as he stared at the other.

ironohokori-deactivated20140416 asked: *Rumi* "Uhm Kaede-chan? Sho-chan? I got informations on your next mission."

" Oh my god a mission?” It may not seem like it but he can’t hide his excitement.” What is it,Rumi-chan?”

" Please tell Sho,and Kaede-san the details,Rumi-san.."

kagayakashii asked: forehead kisses for his adorable child Shinobu.



    Kou pls.

"I’m 25 years old, I’m not a kid anymore." Nor does he need a forehead kiss. 

" Whatever age you might be you’ll always receive love from me."accept your mothers love,brat.


when you are dating

please do aware that our king is somewhere hiding behind the bush/street lamps, disguising and stalking from afar while taking various of pictures

have a nice date

Anonymous asked: What is the Denki Clan?



" This is Shos first time meeting a clansmen from Homra.. Sho isn’t quite sure how to react please forgive him."he blinks a little. Usually Nori or Kou dealt with the other kings and their clansmen.